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Gift Aid Auditing and Promotion

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If you do not act soon on Gift Aid you could be pouring your hard earned money straight down the drain!

In our experience, most charities are missing out on literally thousands of pounds of income simply through not claiming all the Gift Aid to which they are entitled. Could your organisation be one of them?

According to Charities Aid Foundation, the charity sector is currently missing out on between £600 to £700 million in unclaimed tax relief. This is a staggering amount by any standards and is only likely to rise.

Alistair Darling announced in his Budget this April that from next year (April 2010), charities will only be able to back date Gift Aid for the previous four years instead of the current six years*. This makes it even more important for you to act now!

As an example, earlier this year we worked with a major charity whose Chief Executive believed all Gift Aid was being collected. Within just three months, we increased their Gift Aid claims by well over £100,000. This situation is by no means unusual and for some charities the unclaimed Gift Aid is far higher. We are working with a medium sized Association at the moment and anticipate raising well over £million in back dated Gift Aid!

We would be very happy to carry out a free Gift Aid audit on your charity. This would involve assessing your current situation and, if necessary, making some recommendations as to how you could unlock the money to which you are entitled.

It could be the easiest money your charity has ever received and give your funds a welcome boost.

For a FREE consultation please fill out our contact form, or for an immediate response phone 01293 773221.

*(Five or six years, depending on charitable status)

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Is your organisation getting the most out of Gift Aid?

Gift Aid

How does Gift Aid work?

Gift Aid is one of the easiest and most effective ways of giving. It can be used on donations of any amount, large or small, by cash, cheque, postal order, direct debit, standing order, debit card or even foreign currency (including the euro).

To set this up, all you have to do is get the permission from the donater and that is it - It's as easy as that.

Quite simply, Gift Aid means that for every £1 you get - whether in the form of membership subscriptions or donations - you can claim a further 28p from the Inland Revenue.


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