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Membership Cards

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Membership Cards

Membership cards serve a number of functions for Charities, Membership Organisations and Associations:

A membership card is normally kept in a wallet or purse and therefore serves as a reminder to keep in touch. Up to 10% of the UK population moves every year, and all too often members and donors are lost simply because you aren't notified.

It then becomes a task and an expense to try and track them down. How much better to invest a little up-front to encourage members to stay in touch? The simple expedient of providing a membership card with appropriate contact details to new and existing members will help this process no end.

By personalising cards with a membership number you will also speed up the enquiry process. When calling your office, a member need only quote their membership number from the card, which will enable your staff instant access to their records.

If you provide your members with discounted services a membership card can be used as a means of identification. Not totally secure but more than adequate to identify a member at a check in desk or till point to redeem a discount negotiated by you.

It is recognised that the main objective of any association is to maintain contact over the whole life of their members. For example Universities are typically presenting themselves, through their Alumni Associations, as 'partners for life'. Future fundraising opportunities depend on the strength and enduring nature of this relationship.

Membership cards are a symbol of this relationship and help new members retain the sense of belonging that is so important in a thriving Membership Association.


Membership Cards

Retain members with a sense of belonging

Membership Card Options

CGL can design, produce and mail any type of membership card mounted onto a carrier or letter of various sizes.

If you are looking to really 'push the boat out' you may be tempted by the idea of providing a credit card style membership card or maybe even a photo ID card. These cards, however, are relatively expensive to process, as it requires specialist equipment to personalise them.

If you are budget conscious it may be better to look at either a 240-micron plastic card or an integral laminated card. Both are durable and crucially, may be processed on a desktop laser printer. If you are considering issuing membership cards to your entire database why not consider combining a card issue with a renewal notice or member questionnaire?


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