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Meet the team...

CGL Membership Services Team

Please find below our Membership Services Team. We cover issues and offer advice relevant to membership based organisations. We can help with all aspects from the database, to membership retention, to membership recruitment, to appeals, to legacies, to copywriting, to printing and mailing and much more.

Andrwe Atiyah   Andrew Atiyah
Membership consultancy /
Team leader

Joined the Membership Team in 1992

With a background in finance, marketing and general management and 20 years experience of working with the not-for-profit / membership arena Andrew focuses his attention on helping clients improve their ROI. With an in-depth understanding of database marketing techniques Andrew has written and run training programmes and seminars on membership and related subjects.

What can Andrew do for you? Andrew will be you first point of contact at CGL and pulls all our services together. Whether you wish to develop a strategy to improved membership retention or are looking to design a new subscription renewal programme, a welcome pack or a membership recruitment mailing, Andrew will provide you with ideas, quotations, set the project in motion and bring the rest of the team into play as necessary.

Justin Evans   Justin Evans
Project Management

Joined the Membership Team in 2004

Justin works at the coalface looking after the day to day management of projects on behalf of our clients. With over a decade of experience of printing and mailing, Justin’s role is to ensure your project is completed on time and within specification.

What can Justin do for you? Justin is the first point of contact for many of our clients but his primary function is to ‘work away’ in the background to ensure all aspects of a project come together. He takes a pro-active stance to make sure he has all the information necessary to complete the task at hand. In addition, Justin will provide answers to your questions or field them and pass them to the appropriate member of staff.

Sarah Reneaux   Sarah Reneaux

Joined the Membership Team in 2007

Sarah freelances for CGL as a specialist membership telemarketer. During her five year association with us she has run numerous membership telephone campaigns generally with excellent results. Lapsed member calling has become a speciality for Sarah with reactivations often as high as 30%.

What can Sarah do for you?
Sarah can help you with lapsed member reactivation, membership surveys and research, membership recruitment, direct debit conversion, Welcome and thank you calls, conversion and upgrade campaigns, data cleaning and updating and gift aid conversion.

Philip Hindoian   David Lonie
Print and mailing expert

Joined the Membership Team in 2004

Print and mailing expert, David Lonie has been involved in the print industry since 1984 and has been with CGL for over eight years now. David has two main areas of focus within CGL, new business development and account directing many of our high profile NFP clients.

What Can David do for you? If you want advice or help with any design, print or mailing issues David can help. Whether you are looking to specify a renewal letter, membership card, welcome pack, donor mailing or looking at the new web2print systems, David will lend you his expertise and guide you seamlessly through the project from beginning to its ultimate completion.

Ric Fagg   Warren Gibb
Graphic Design

Joined the Membership Team in 2002

Warren takes the coal from Justin and makes diamonds. With over two decades of experience in artwork, design and print, Warren’s role is to ensure that your corporate identity is maintained and artwork & design demands are met.

What can Warren do for you? Warren is an expert in all apsects of design for visual media from a technical standpoint and from a creative background. He is up to date with all the latest software packages, so can always get the most out of the latest innovations in media. In addition, Warren will provide answers to your technical questions and advise on the best way to achieve your goals.
Lisa Randolph   Lisa Randolph
Quality Manager

Joined the Membership Team in 1993

Despite her youthful appearance Lisa has worked for CGL for nearly 20 years and looks after the Group’s quality and environmental programmes. Lisa has held a number of management and client facing roles over the years and has invaluable experience of all our systems and programmes.

What can Lisa do for you? Although CGL take quality extremely seriously we live in the real world and occasionally things go wrong with projects falling short of expectations. Part of Lisa’s role is to ensure our clients receive full satisfaction and problems or quality failures are put right swiftly and efficiently. Lisa is also available to advise clients about environmental issues relating to printing and ways to control and monitor their carbon footprint.

David Marshall   David Marshall
Product Sourcing & Supplier Relations

Joined the Membership Team in 1989

David is another very experienced member of the team who is responsible for procurement and supplier relations. With two decades experience David has vast knowledge of the printing and mailing industries in the UK and abroad. As well as being responsible to sourcing products and services David makes sure all suppliers are vetted and monitored and comply with the high standards set by CGL.

What can David do for you? David monitors market prices to make sure that you receive competitive prices and that your items are printed and mailed at the most suitable factory. Ultimately David is responsible for the quality of our supplier base; to give you complete peace of mind.

Nick Pease   Nick Pease

Joined the Membership Team in 2008

Nick is a highly experienced, award-winning copywriter who has worked for some of the most creative and successful London agencies (McCann-Erickson, TBWA, Publicis, The Creative Business). Over the years Nick has worked in every business sector and every medium, from television and radio through to direct marketing, B2B and online. Within Nick's experience he has worked with a number of membership based organisations, including Amnesty International, Greenpeace, RNLI and The Royal Photographic Society.

What Can Nick do for you? Nick can write copy but more importantly help you achieve better results. Copy is a key component to any appeal mailing or marketing campaign and often a small investment upfront can make a huge difference. Nick can also review your marketing and/or membership literature with a view to offering recommendations for improvement.

Ric Fagg   Ric Fagg
Database Marketing

Joined the Membership Team in 2001

Ric has many years commercial experience in Database Marketing and Customer Relationship Management coupled with strong IT and analytical skills. Having set up his own Direct Marketing Agency in the 1990’s Ric now freelances for CGL, working almost exclusively for our membership and voluntary sector clients. During his 12 year association with GCL, Ric has written a number of bespoke database systems from scratch.

What can Ric do for you? Ric is able to interpret, design and build PC based database solutions for membership management.    In addition he can design reporting and analytical tools for understanding trends and creating pro-active marketing campaigns as well as providing full support and training for staff. If you have problems with your database software Ric has the experience to offer sound, impartial advice.

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