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Council Tax Bills

Council Tax

All local authorities in the UK generate the bulk of their revenue through council tax and business rates. It’s not simply a matter of getting bills to the right people. By statute, bills must arrive on time as they become invalid if they’re late. As legal documents their production and mailing must be 100% correct - with no margin for error whatsoever.

Computastat have managed the council billing for our clients for over 19 years and the brief for each project is the same.

The Brief

-To design and print 100% accurate base stock and insertions, typically explanatory notes, in sufficient quantity to provide bills to every eligible household and business address.
-To receive and process resident data and personalise that information on the base stock to 100% accuracy.
-To post large volumes of bills and any relevant insertions at exactly the right time, with 100% mailing guaranteed.
-To earn the maximum possible Post Office discount in the mailing phase.

The Solution

To accommodate a growing portfolio of council clients, we have designed and marketed a patented product - Instabill, which is a legally compliant billing document produced from one piece of paper, thus avoiding mis-matching of Giros and bills and reducing the overall project cost.

Instabill has established itself as the fulcrum of our activity in the council billing sector and is the only product to guarantee 100% match of bills to Giros. With the growing option of Council Tax payers to utilise PayPoint or payzone payment counters. We can also supply a bill with a bar coded integral swipe card. This option saves the extra cost of supplying giros.

Synopsis of Results - using Instabill

-Savings on postage, unlike some payment books, is kept within the most economical Royal Mail letter rates.
-Councils enjoyed a proactive rather than a reactive approach.
-Council Tax Bills mailed within time frame.
-We have earned a solid reputation as a strong and reliable supplier of council tax bills in this complex and time-critical service.

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Complex, no room for error and time critical

Time critical Council Tax Billing

If you would like us to help with your Council Tax Bills contact us today by phone 01293 773221, email or by filling out our contact form online.

Council Tax Billing Notes

In the vast majority of print projects there is an acceptable level of inaccuracy or fall-out. Once the base stock of Instabills is printed, the personalisation of specific billing information has no such margin for error. We assume responsibility for bringing the various streams of the project together within a very tight time frame, thus ensuring any council tax spoils are recorded, regenerated and mailed to achieve 100% mailing.


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