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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between a printer and a print management company?

Our prime function is to purchase and manage print and mailing services on behalf of our clients. We use a number of ‘trade printers’ (‘the trade’) throughout the UK and Europe, all of which are vetted and monitored on an ongoing basis.

What this means is that our clients may purchase all their printed items through one single source, whether a promotional brochure, a business card or a digitally printed invitation.

What is the ‘trade’ and how does it work?

The ‘trade’ is made up of printers and related manufacturers, which only sell through authorised agents such as the CGL. A trade printer has little sales or marketing expense and is therefore able to sell at below normal market prices.

A printer will normally increase price when his press is near to full capacity but decrease price when his press is idle. By monitoring the market carefully we know which printers have spare capacity and are therefore able to take advantage of competitive pricing.

How then do your prices compare with a printer?

Buying through the CGL will ensure you always receive a competitive market price. All purchases are monitored through our software and checked against the ‘market’.

How do we pay for our printed goods and for the service you provide?

We invoice you for the goods supplied; it’s as simple as that. Our profit is made from the mark-up we get from the print supplied to you. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as if we set-up an online ordering system but all such costs will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Can we visit the printers you use?

By all means. We operate an open system and would encourage you to visit our print suppliers if you are interested to do so.

How is your account management organised?

Each of our clients has an account director who has overall responsibility for the relationship between our clients and us and who will attend review meetings and oversee important projects. Under the account director is an account manager who looks after a client’s day-to-day needs. A customer service executive who works out of our head office in Surrey supports each account manager. There is always someone who knows your business available to answer your queries.

What other services do you provide?

The CGL specialise in the management of printing and mailing projects. We offer advice on all aspects of printing and mailing to ensure you receive the best possible product and service at the right price.

Print Management means more than just printing though. It means understanding our customers business processes and tailoring systems to suit their needs. This may include storage and distribution, it may mean online ordering systems, it may mean special invoicing or it may mean other specialist management reporting.

I am interested. What do I do next?

It’s very simple. One of our account directors will talk with you and from the information supplied we will come up with an implementation schedule and service level agreement. Once these are in place the service can begin.
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If you would like us to help with
your print management, contact us today by phone 01293 773221, email
or by filling out our contact form online.

Print Management Benefits

- Economies of scale
- Consolidation of business processes
- Project management and audit
- Flexibility and accountability
- Responsiveness
- Total quality management

We can release you from the specialist task of print and project management, leaving you to focus on your own core business.
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