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Transactional Mail

Outsourcing your transactional mail can be as convenient as email and save costs!

At CGL, our transactional mail service allows clients to outsource their statements, invoices, chase letters, payslips and other critical document production requirements.

Transaction mail centres around low volumes of high value documents, where accuracy and audited control is essential, from data processing through to print and fulfilment.

• One point of contact
• Secure storage and base stock control
• Guaranteed 100% mailing integrity by barcode recognition
• Full audit trail
• Absolute peace of mind.

We understand the importance of the documents we print, fulfil and deliver on behalf of clients. For that reason we are committed to providing a finely tuned auditing process which makes us unrivalled in the industry. That's why UK companies trust CGL to print, monitor and deliver thousands of essential invoices and statements to their customers every year.

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Make light work of oversized problems

Transactional Mail

If you would like us to help with your transactional mail, contact us today by phone 01293 773221, email or by filling out our contact form online.

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